Bentley of Atlanta and Espada Ultra Premium Tequila Share Wealth with Non-Profit Organization Nov. 14

8 Nov

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As Part of the “Liquid Luxury Tour,” Espada Ultra Premium Tequila will Host World Class Event to Benefit Bartenders Against Drunk Driving, B.A.D.D., at Bentley of Atlanta Nov. 10, 2011.

Dallas, TX, Nov. 8, 2011 /Krista Kelley PR/ – – Classic luxury and modern style will unite at 7:00 P.M. on November 14, 2011, as Bentley of Atlanta and Ultra Premium Espada Tequila host an exclusive event to benefit Bartenders Against Drunk Driving, B.A.D.D. Partnered with The Atlantan Magazine, Espada Tequila’s “Liquid Luxury Tour,” will perfectly pair the brand’s meticulously smooth lemon taste with the city’s inimitable allure. Patrons will be tempted with the refined surroundings of Bentley, complimented by an eclectic mix of charming fashions, refreshing Espada Tequila cocktails, exhilarating entertainment, and soul-satisfying appetizers. Hand-selected mixologists fromAtlanta’s finest restaurants will contend for the superior, “freshly squeezed distinction” signature drink. The “Liquid Luxury Tour” imposes timeless luxury accompanied by Espada Tequila’s nostalgic flavor. The personalized event will cater to specially selected media and business professionals, highlighting the ultra premium tequila, local upscale restaurants and their bartenders, and introducing the non-profit organization saving lives, Bartenders Against Drunk Driving, B.A.D.D.

Those interested in becoming a sponsor or to partake in the ultra exclusive event, contact:

Krista Kelley PR, LLC.

Public Relations and Marketing Company


Twitter: @KristaKelley

Facebook: Krista Kelley

Twitter: @EspadaTequila

Facebook: Espada Tequila

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[About Espada Tequila]

Espada Ultra Premium Tequila distills the finest Blue Agave, imported fromMexico, flavored with a hint of lemon. By creating ultra premium tequila purified for maximum palette pleasure, the Espada Ultra Premium Tequila brand is a unique alternative to other 100% blue agave tequilas on the market. Espada achieves the same smooth, subtle results of well-aged tequilas in a fraction of the time with advancement in technology completely new to the spirits world. Committed to providing an exclusive, specialty brand of ultra premium quality products for a multi-cultural, aspiring and affluent class of tequila drinkers, Espada, a freshly squeezed distinction, encourages partakers to drink responsibly and endure boldness.

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