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Pro-Boxer-Tony Mack Wins Vacant Texas State Title

14 Apr

Super-Middle Weight Professional Boxer, Tony Mack Celebrates Defeating Fellow Texas Boxer, Curtis Howell at the “Fights at the Fair Grounds” Boxing Match Last Weekend in Dallas, Texas. The Champ was Awarded the Vacant Super-Middle Weight Texas State Title.

Dallas, TX, April 13, 2013 /Krista Kelley PR/ – – Last weekend, boxing fans gathered at the Dallas fair grounds to watch six boxing matches get underway. Professional boxer, Tony Mack featured on the fight card as the main attraction alongside his opponent, Curtis Howell. Fans of the fighter entered the coliseum proudly dressed in black or pink t-shirts with their boxing hero, Tony Mack’s name branded across their chests. The crowd’s attire clearly indicated Mack as the favored boxer of the night. With the vacant Super Middle Weight Texas State Title belt at stake, one might speculate that the professional fighter would be nervous before squaring up against skilled challenger, Curtis Howell. Trumping that theory are pictures and video clips of the confident prized fighter laughing, smiling, and conversing with his team moments before entering the ring.

Ready to rumble, both super-middle weights stepped into the ring for the scheduled six round match presented by J&G Boxing Promotions. During the first bout, the two took turns exchanging blows while gripping the audience with their elusive footwork. By the close of the first round, it was uncertain as to which fighter dominated, leading onlookers to believe that the match would be a nail biter. After a quick re-charge in their respective corners, the competitors returned to go toe to toe in hopes of winning the coveted belt and leaving the other with a canvas kiss. The Tour de Force was short lived, as defender Tony Mack swept the challenger, Curtis Howell into a restrictive position with accurate power punches to the head. The tower of strength, T-Mack gained more ground after Howell’s pawing jab provoked a devastating blow from Mack, forcing Howell to collapse against the ropes. Exploding into a solid jab-hook-punch combo, Mack’s tactics minimized Howell’s ability to counter. Mack captivated the audience with a knockout, triggering an outburst of excitement from spectators. The referee swiftly interjected to lend support to the defeated fighter, declaring Mack the reigning titleholder.

 The champion secured the Texas State Title belt with only one minute and thirty-two seconds lapsed in the second round. Mack’s record now stands at six wins with zero losses and three knockouts. The two fighters admirably exited the ring with a respectful embrace. Immediately following the ceremonial merit, the vivacious victor obliged fans with warm-hearted greetings, handshakes, and pictures. Quickly emerging as a professional boxing hero, he thanked his loyal fans and took time to speak one-on-one, displaying a softer side of boxing. The congenial competitor redefines the image of boxing.

About Tony Mack:

Tony Mack is a professional boxer from Plano, Texas. The 5’10 boxer is currently fighting in the Super-Middle Weight Class. His amateur boxing career includes the USA Boxing National Championship where he was awarded the Bronze Medal, Five-time Dallas Golden Glove Champion, and Three-Time Texas State Champion. Mack also fought internationally in the USA vs. Great Britain Dual Match. He has six wins with zero losses and three knockouts.

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